Ulrike Pusch-Holbinger



The drama “Dimenticando L’imperdonabile”, written by Ulrike Pusch and direct from the director Antonella Granata is based  on the true  story of a young German woman, played by Paola Belisari, that was married with a Jew and not have wanted to give up the artistic vocation, so she was deported in a concentration camp.
The scene is divided into two parts: on a stage of the left, the adult painter is dressed elegant, there she appears to be shrouded in a cloud of smoke, nostalgic and full of pathos;  Her drawings are the background and here she tells us her story;  When the voice is interrupted, however, to the right of the stage the atrocities, that the artist has suffered during the internment period became alive. The movements of  the dancer Karen Fantasia, who plays the young painter, makes us live the horror of those places of detention where the girl, despite everything, has received friendship and tenderness, not only by the companions.
Furthermore, the passionate love for art will keep her alive. All actions involving the heart of the Spectator and are infused with emotion and intensity, like the desperate dances, precise and powerful;  When words are not enough to express the pain intervenes visceral and expressive movement supported from music by Piero Pizzul. The choreography, edited by Manuel Paruccini, in role of tormentor, is the soul of the performance. The issue, delicate and Complex of the Holocaust, is here approached with delicacy and authenticity, thanks to the skill of all interpreters. The result is an impressive work of theatre and well laid out with a great artistic and educational potential.

Elisa Galletto
Neueröffnung Studio in
Hundspoint 14a

Vollzeitflege meiner Mutter

Rückzug an den Schreibtisch

06. Mai – 29. Mai 2017
Palazzo Albrizzi,
Exhibition TaLenTe KunsT
Die Welt der Märchen
Nel mondo della fiaba

7. März 2017
"Dimenticando l'imperdonabile"
Specialshow for
ANED , Nationalverband italienischer Deportierter des Nationalsozialismus
Schirmherrschaft: ANED , Nationalverband italienischer Deportierter des Nationalsozialismus Associazione Culturale Italo-Tedesca di Venedigund mit moralische Unterstützung von
Herrn Sven Adenauer, Landrat Kreis Gütersloh

2017 eine Woche Venezuela,

mit Frammenti di Lisa, Gewinner des "Art off price" :
Teilnahme am "art festival all'Isla de Margarita"


Autor von
"Dimenticando l'imperdonabile"
"Im Vergessen des Unverzeihlichen"
13.-18. Dezember 2016
TeatroLoSpazio, Rom


Autor von
„Frammenti di Lisa“
August 2016


OPEN 2015
3.September bis 25.November 2015
Kurator Paulo de Grandis


Kunst im Bezirk Landshut

Vernissage zu
"AWEN. Ribaltone"
23.April 2015, 19:00 Uhr
Hauptverwaltung Bezirk Niederbayern
24.4.2015 bis 19.Juni 2015
Eröffnung Dr. Olaf Heinrichs, Bezirktagspräsident., Landshut
Kurator Dr. Gabriele Romeo, Kunstkritiker und Historiker, Venedig

Internationale Ausstellung „Bautando“,
31.Januar – 17. Februar 2015
in Zusammenarbeit mit Piero Pizzul

"Ateliers in Niederbayern"
27.9.2014 und 28.9.2014
jeweils 13:00 bis 19:00 Uhr


Exhibitions 2014
Teilnahme Biennale Hamburg 2014
zum Thema “Umwelt im Ökologiediskurs – Erneuerbare Energien”
9. Oktober bis 9. Dezember 2014
Kulturaustausch Hamburg-Übersee e.V.
Galerie Kunststätte am Michel
Neanderstraße 21
D-20459 Hamburg


2014 „Chromatismus im Übergang von Musik - zu Farbtönen",
2 Monatige Ausstellung,
März und April 2014, Palazzo Albrizzi , Venedig

"Ateliers in Niederbayern"

2014 ART Innsbruck 2014
„Ich bin Kunst“, Österreich


Exhibitions 2013
“Painting through the Window in Venice”
Ulrike Holbinger und Gabriele Neuert
Künstler im Schaufenster
Venedig, Sommer 2013 unter der Schirmherrschaft
der Stadt Venedig und der Handelskammer von Venedig

Venedig Biennale 2013
Exhibition "Clouds"
Ulrike Holbinger und Gabriele Neuert
in the center of Venice in the historical building of Ca' Zanardi (near Ca' d'Oro)
Vernissage 17.8.2013 17:00 Uhr

2013 ART Innsbruck 2013
„Ich bin Kunst“, Österreich